Virtual Reality Moon for Google Cardboard VR 应用的评论



Game of all time!

Needs one work

This is a great app and I would love using it if i could see everything clearly. I use an iPhone 7 with my utopia three sixty, and the pictures merge together. If you just put a white line In between the two pictures it would fix it because that’s exactly what the google cardboard app does. Overall, good app, needs some work.

I can not move

Am i supposed to be able to move because i can’t if I’m supposed to explore the moon how come I can not walk


Someone here called it very realistic. Yeah right. ISS hanging over your head. The walk is more like a golf cart drive. No ground details and landscape is frozen. Looks like a stage or photo session. Otherwise perfect.

Not what you think is

So u Think it looks cool. This app is rubbish absolute rubbish. I wish should you more of the moon is it just one singular area is just boring. Pls fix this and maybe I’ll download it don’t download it is sooo boring And it’s not what you think it is just like I said. Written by:i❤️doggys🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 PS: I think I may have over exaggerated

Luv it!!

This app is amazing!! It’s so realistic!! Get it! U will luv it!❤️❤️

U can’t move.

Well you can but only if ur taping on the screen but how do u do that with a headset on. Also the 2 frames are not set up properly.

Walking, etc...

I have a problem with the app I can't figure it out you can only look around

It’s ok, could be better

I love the graphics and the ground walking, fenomenal! Just the movement is the problem. I have to have 1/2 out of the VR app, out of the VR headset and then tap my phone to move. Also, could you make zero-gravity!?

Not even compatible

Udder trash. It’s still split screen; but it doesn’t fit. I’m severely dissapointed as I have been in the past with this game designer. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️


This doesn't work for the VR headset I have you can't move with the Utopia 360 headset


I don’t really understand the game

How do I move

I can figure out how to move I wish there were some instructions but looks really cool to do but I don’t know how to move please put instruction manual on the moon

Double vision

I see double!!


How do you move?

Moon app

Was disappointed


You can’t even move

The best vr app

The best best vr app I’ve experienced, works great on merge vr headset with iPhone 7 Plus. Best experience, highly recommend it

Poor focus.

I understand this is on of the free VR Apps, but this one can’t focus. Everything but the long distance looks blurry.

Justa a picture

Doesn’t takes you anywhere what you see is all you get.


Still see 2 of every thing. No matter how much I adjust focus it still looks like I'm holding the phone in front of my face without the headset. Would give 0 stars if possible.

Worst VR app ever

In all this app sucked. All I could do was see one tiny price of the moon. I don’t recommend this app at all.


This. Is. The. Worst. Why do u have to press the screen to move?? My VR headset is made in such a way that you’ll get your finger in front of your face to move. Who wants that? TOTALLY RUINS THE EXPERIENCE!!! Ugh. Why did I waste my time getting this game? The graphics are just as bad as the game controls!! 😡😡😡😡😡 not happy.

Not work

It is not on the screen correctly.

I need help

It looks cool but I can't figure out how to move. If someone could help that would be great!

Kinda boring

idk if u just have the cardboard headset, don't download this app, unless u just want to tap on the screen to move around

Had potential

I am a huge fan of space travel and exploration, but, this app was a let down. It was lacking to spark it needed. First off, the ISS is directly overhead. That's impossible. The ISS orbits the Earth at a distance of 220 miles, in Low Earth Orbit, while the moon orbits 250,000 ish miles from Earth. Also. The ground has not much detail. And, It's lacking the simulation of walking in lunar gravity, 1/6 that of Earth's. However, with some improvements, this could be a really cool app

Needs some work, but interesting

Using a Victony VR headset, this worked ok. Unfortunately I'm using an iPhone 5s, which is small for this headset so the picture look like a square with one large black line on each side. Kind of like a standard broadcast on a wide screen tv. But the picture is very clear and 3d. One major problem is moving. The only way the app would move forward is if I held my finger inside the visor and touched the iPhone screen. I would like to see a button on the screen for auto advance. Overall this was entertaining.


Is there a way for it to move automatically?

Cool but moving around

I got a VR remote but no buttons work on this. Only screen tapping works. I can stick my finger through my headset to tap the screen but my finger blocks the vision. Please add compatibility for game pads because I have one and it doesn't work. It says to look for "icade" apps but i couldn't find many.

Pretty Great VR Simulator!

It's pretty immersive for a mobile VR simultor. It lets you walk around and explore, and the graphics are quite good. Its definately a must have, and its what I usually show people when they want to try out VR.

Has potential to be great!

I finally had a chance to try this outside and discovered that as I walked around the terrain stayed the same. The views are pretty good but I couldn't quite get it to focus properly. That fact that I'm as blind as a bat probably doesn't help, but it'd be nice if the terrain changed as you walked around. From some of the other reviews it seems that some people can do that. Anywhosal, nice job!

Not good

This "game" is not even a game, or is just a image and the graphics are horrible ,and the graphics are smeared and dotted.


This app is horrible. You can't even move! The graphics are horrible so you can totally tell that it is fake. What even is the point of this stupid app!!!!!!!


So I just got a google cardboard and this game is great for these if u want to be cross eyed.

Out of alignment

Really great game, but anyone with an iPhone 6 or 7 will not be able to see very well. This is really one of the best VR games/simulators, but it's out of alignment.

Vr headset

It is not fun because all you do is go in circles and you don't go anywhere👎👎👎

Doesn't match image with viewer

I'm using an iPhone 7 with Google Cardboard and the split image from this app is way out of alignment. So it doesn't match into a single image. Everything looks double.


I wish I could give this 0 stars. It doesn't even load. Maybe for older phones, but not the iPhone 6S+

Good but

I can't walk at all? Who can help me???

Virtual Reality Moon

Excellent app! One of the best game have ever played.Really appreciated work done by developers.

Great for entertainment

This app is great for entertainment, more like a simulator with good graphics performance! Cool viewer!Fast and real feel.


I'm going to say that half of these reviews are 🐮💩. -HD? I see better definition when I'm NOT wearing my glasses. -Fun? You stand in one spot looking at zero fun things. -Moon? It's more interesting to look at Earth or the Space Station. You are placed on the most aesthetically boring place on the Moon. Boo to this app, boo.

Great View but not a Game

Just purchased a Merger VR headset. I love all things Space and it was great to see Earth, but I got stuck quite a few times, not only out of a crater but could not go too far. I appreciate all The Work that went into making this app, but hopefully the up grade is more interactive!

Like it

One of the top best app for VR. Loved it. Specially in VR it seems like a almost 3D. I loved it and recommend to all other users.

Nice VR game

Great vr game. Just feel like walking on the moon. Highly suggested

Nice graphics

Very nice, feels like I'm on the moon... Well appreciated... I recommend this to all the players...

Nice google cardboard VR game

It has real graphics and user interface. You won't be bored with the app. Highly recommended to all!

Love it

Love playing this game very good for entertainment, really enjoyed a lot in my free time

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